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By: Mike Yeager
An essential part of a fireplace at your home would be a fireplace screen to channel and control the smoke that accompanies the fire. D?cor and budget are the two most important considerations while purchasing a fireplace screen. You might just want to sit down with your interior design consultant to work out the details of your purchase.

Fireplace screens typically have three components and can be transparent or opaque. Screens come in materials that are metal as well as glass; they cater to a simple look as well as a more floral appearance. So the question lies not whether you something is available or not, but whether your purchase of a glass fireplace screen or a decorative fireplace screen enhances the feel of your home. The question that one should ask while purchasing a fireplace screen is whether it integrates into the personality that your home represents.

Once the design and the budget aspects are thought through, all that is left is the shopping for the fireplace screen. Now, if it is a first time purchase it always a good idea to visit a few showrooms and get a good idea what is available. There is nothing comparable to actually handling the material you are going to use to enhance your own home. The first time around, you might also want to have your interior decorator accompany you to these places, and if you trust them enough then you could just delegate. If, however, you want to order from the land of the web you might want to keep in mind your experiential learning.

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